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:bulletpurple: well i don't know how this was before the edit (if you edited anything more than that one word) however you managed to show the event...

Critiques i have given out

So I've been using the app more (now that there are notes Notela by AspiredWriter) and though it's better for it, there is much that needs improvement. arbiterofelegance has mentioned to me that if I want to have my opinions and insight heard I should write it in a journal and tag the ones in charge of the app. So here I write a little critique based on my observations and hopefully :iconroupend: :iconarbiterofelegance: and the rest of the mobile team will get to see this and take it to heart. Please note that all of this comes from the heart and is meant to inspire and to indicate flaws for the sole purpose of giving feedback to allow progress where progress is wanting. This is not a slight or abuse of the app or of its creators. I have nothing but love to you all :dalove:

If you need to know, I'm running this app on Android 4.3 on Galaxy 4

So let's start:

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Insufficient On the Look-Out - 13 NaNoEmo #10 by Mirz123 :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: On the Desktop site, in the message center there is an option to remove messages and/or have them removed (or not) when replied to. This could be useful in the app as well. Also it seems to me there is a lack of synchronization between the app and main site in this regard that is to say that the messages on the site don't always match the ones on the app (missing messages) if removing a message it should update in the app and the sites (Desktop and mobile)

:bulletpurple: Where are the rest of the messages? (Polls, journals, forums, miscellaneous, birthdays)

:bulletpurple: The watch feed. I really don't like feeds. Would be much better the way it appears in the main site's message center as a thumbnail collection.

:bulletpurple: There is no filter on the watches! On the Desktop site we can decide, for each deviant and group we watch, which aspects we want to watch such as deviations, journals, polls etc. There is much I turned off for various watched that I am confronted with on the app. We need the same filters that are on the site to be in the app and synchronization so if we turn off or on certain aspects on the app they'd update on the site and vice versa.

:bulletpurple: Things always take up the whole screen so that little images are zoomed too big. Seriously, watching a 25X25 pixel emote stretched over the whole screen is just wrong! Maybe there can be a minimum size of image to be stretched.

:bulletpurple: Where is my home page? Is there a way to access it on the app? Can there be one?

:bulletpurple: The image on top when I'm in my own "zone" (where I have my gallery, journals etc.). How can I change it? The whole black in every aspect of the app is a bit morbid, really.

:bulletpurple: Writing a journal is different. More like submitting a deviation. There are no moods, I can't find the preview! :noes: and why do I need to select a category when none fit? That makes no sense at all!

:bulletpurple: There is no way to click on links to send us into the browser! (Or to somewhere else on the dA app like a deviation) this is a serious deficiency. We often get links in notes, comments or even in an artist's comment that we can't use.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Errors :frustrated: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletred: Notes sent don't always appear in the outgoing notes (at least not for some time after writing them) and incoming notes take too long to appear in the inbox as well. I've checked simultaneously, notes appear on the mobile site and not in the app (maybe they do after a long while?)

:bulletred: Sometimes as I try to go onto the app it crashes and I have to go into it a second time. Do you get the reports sent when this occurs? Is this fixable or is it to be expected?

:bulletred: The app has a tendency to log me off from time to time! :nuu: It's a good thing I remember my password.

:bulletred: Emotes don't seem to animate at all :grump:

:bulletred: I went to browse>customization>emoticons>all emoticons and got no emotes, just other stuff. Are they ALL mistagged or is something wrong with the app? I can't find the tags on the deviations themselves whether they are tagged as emotes or not. Is there a way to see the classification of deviations?

:bulletred: My journal is zoomed and cut. Can't zoom out or move it to see the rest! :noes:

:bulletred: Erroneous display: animation previews get messed up with bits not erasing properly between frames

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Ideas :idea: :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: We really really really NEED push notifications! Notes are good. But it would be so much better if we had them work like SMSs. Imagine this if you will: You walk down the street- suddenly your pocket makes a noise and vibrates. You take your phone out and lo and behold you have a new note! Notela by AspiredWriter You, then, go into the phone's message center and tap on the notification and are transfferred into the app to the note so that you can read and reply to it. So much better than having to go into the app every minute in case you got a new note! (And then go into the mobile-site to make sure you don't have one) The same holds true with messages!
Extra NOTE: It's best to allow the deviant user the chance to select what he wants to be notified about so that he doesn't get spammed with things that are low priority to him and it is individual. So one person will want to get art from his watches, another will want notes, another will want to know when he was mentioned and another wants to get feedback so that he can respond immediately!
P.S. (This would be a welcome addition to the desktop site as well)

:bulletyellow: My phone (and I assume all Smartphones as well) has a virtual keyboard pop up whenever a field capable of typing has the focus. However this is not an ideal keyboard for dA users. It would be great if the app had a special dA keyboard that acts much the same way and will have dA emotes instead of the ones on the phone and thumbs. You could have a :: button and a :icon: button which after you press them you can either type the code or do a search for the appropriate emote/thumb/plz/deviant to add. It would also have frequently used dA ones such as :+fav: and :dalove: for quick insertion into the field. It would feel much more deviantArt specific and would make for an easier and more enjoyable stay on the app.

:bulletyellow: It would be awesome to be able to access dAmn on the app (and on the phone site for that matter). I use the chats quite frequently but whenever I have some time but I'm not near my computer I cannot log onto the chats. It's not ideal for me to type on the phone but still, it'd be nice to be able to stay connected in that way. (And here that dA virtual keyboard would be really useful as well)

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Well done :clap: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: When I hold my finger to an image in the explore section there appear three icons much like in curse of monkey island's coin. I thought that was brilliant in that game and I still think it's a great idea here as well. Also I like how they grow when you move your finger closer to each. Personally I would put them all into a single image (maybe a highly translucent one to feel airier) so it feels more consolidated much like in the CMI icon. Here's an image of that coin:… (the three images on the coin execute different actions when mouse is released over them much like in this feature in the app). More importantly however I think there should be comments as one of those floating circles. And what are the other two? (I know the :+fav: one) maybe a tooltip when hovering over it to tell us what each does?

:bulletgreen: It's great how you separated the watch page from the messages.

:bulletgreen: I like how the message center is divided so it doesn't overwhelm me

:bulletgreen: It's great how the app is set up with the icons at the bottom and the submenus at the top (like in the notes, the sent, inbox etc.) it's very easy to work and convenient! Kudos! :dance:

Okay, so that's all I've got thus far. Any feedback will be welcome from the team and anyone else who has an opinion.
For others: If you support these words make your voices heard so that the Team will know there are others who feel the same.

Love to you all! :dalove:


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Eddie (Pen name)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Long to write, Desire to be great! any tips suggestions and comments to aid this goal will be greatly appreciated

Favourite style of art: optical illusions
Personal Quote: if hell were cold and i'd be bold i'd stride right through before i'm old

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Love to you all! :dalove: :love: :heart: :blowkiss: :hug: :huggle: :tighthug: :smooch:

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